Dufrenoy, justinae (Ammonite)

Dufrenoy, justinae lived in the ancient seas when dinosaurs were still around about 135 mya  (lower Cretaceous Period).  Their fossils have a world wide distribution indicating the theory of continental drift.  Ammonites were very intelligent like their  cousin cephalopops such as octopuses and close relative nautiloids.  They first appeared in the fossil record as early as 400 mya during the Silurian Period.

fossils 133

Dufrenoy, justinae (Ammonite Fossil)



Scientific Name: Dufrenoy, justinae Common Name: Ammonite

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Mollusk (soft body of invertebrate animal encased in shell)

Class: Cephalopod (means prominent head and tentacles, i.e. octopus, squid, cuttlefish, nautiloid)

Order: Ammonitida (characterized by thick ribbed and patterned shells)

Family: Parahoplitidae or Acanthoceras (a fast moving type)

Genus: Dufrenoy Species: justinae


Dufrenoy, justinae Ammonite Rendering



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